SAFIM, facilitating events in Marseille!

SAFIM is a key player in Marseille and has been hosting and organising events for over a century! It has managed the Marseille Exhibition and Convention Centre since 1906 and has acquired know-how and expertise in every area of event organisation. Its experience means it works on two levels to provide you with the ultimate service:

Marseille Chanot, THE place for your event!

Exhibitions, conventions, product launches, sports events, road shows, etc. Marseille Chanot is 100% flexible and offers:

  • a large selection of spaces all on one modern site at the heart of the city
  • efficient logistics
  • experienced staff that are ready to listen and provide customised support in accordance with your needs
  • a broad network of institutional, business and technical partners to make sure that your event goes to plan

Over 200 large-scale events take place at Marseille Chanot each year. Yours could be one of them!

SAFIM, event organisers

SAFIM has organised the Foire Internationale de Marseille since the first trade fair and the Colonial Exhibition in 1906, and also organises other exhibitions for professionals and the general public: