APM Convention



Every 2 years, all the key players of APM, its members, leaders and experts gather together at the APM Club Convention. This year the event will take place at Marseille Chanot. The 2,800 participants will take part in discussions around the hot topic: “Renaissance. Entrepreneurship. New ways forward”. In other words, how can we benefit from the changes in today’s world in order to continue to do business efficiently?

Over 100 experts and personalities from the worlds of economics, science or even philosophy, will contribute to the discussions which will be broken down into 8 sub-topics:


  • The renaissance of values:  what impact(s) will this have on business and management?
  • Good management begins at home: self-awareness and well being
  • Internet and virtual workspaces: how do we escape?
  • Nano-, bio-, and aerospace and new technologies: How can SMEs get in on the act?
  • Energy, materials, demographics: What is the truth behind the figures, and what resources will we have in the future?
  • New economies: what prospects for SMEs?
  • Learning practices for today’s world
  • Never-ending changes in management approaches: finding a way through the web of new practices

The Palais de l’Europe will hold plenary meetings over two days. The Palais des Evénements will host the reception desks and lunches. The Palais des Congrès and the Palais des Arts will be the venues for the workshops held at various stages throughout this major event.

Find the full programme at:  http://www.convention-apm.com/