Kicking off Les Terrasses du Port

The new shopping centre, Les Terrasses du Port is opening today in La Joliette as part of the Euroméditerranée urban renovation programme. This new shopping destination is at the heart of Marseille Port and has around 61,000 sq m of shops and restaurants with sea views. It is open 7 days a week and located in the heart of Marseille, just a 10-minute metro ride from Marseille Chanot.

Of the 190 shops, 28 are opening for the first time in Marseille, confirming the city as an attractive commercial destination. Printemps is opening a second store in the same city for the first time ever, with a new 6000 sq m store. The Japanese brand Uniqlo is also opening its second store in France, after Paris. When asked why they chose Marseille, the European Manager for Uniqlo, Berndt Hauptkorn, confirmed that “Marseille being European Capital of Culture was a deciding factor.”

As well as shopping, the centre also offers new event venues for Marseille, with a 260 m long panoramic terrace with sea views, a rooftop terrace offering a varied programme of evening events every weekend and a dedicated private events area.

The centre is also counting on cruise ship passengers, a significant target as around 1.5 million came to Marseille in 2013.

The shopping centre hopes to attract 15 million visitors each year, with a projected turnover of between €350 and €400 million.

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