Grand Palais

The Grand Palais offers a quirky setting for bringing your event to life. The high ceiling is a major asset and leaves room for installations that will impress your guests. Its Art Deco architecture also makes it an ideal location for filming, photo shoots, etc.


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  • Direct access for deliveries
  •  Access for people with disabilities
  • icon-surface Surface :6900 m²
  • icon-surface Dimensions :109 x 69 m
  • icon-surface Hauteur :14 m
X Palais des Evénements

6500 sq m with no pillars
An adjustable plenary venue seating 1600 to 3200
Can be divided into 2 spaces
2 meeting rooms, 6 independent offices

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A plenary accommodate 1.600 to 3.200 delegates

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X Palais de la Méditerranée

6900 sq m, can be divided into 2 spaces with a divider

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X Palais Phocéen

13,400 sq m

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X Grand Palais

6900 sq m
14 m ceiling height

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X Palais de l’Europe

4800 sq m with no pillars
Can be divided into 2 spaces

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X Convention centre

15,000 sq m on 3 levels
2 auditoriums seating 200 to 1200
3800 sq m of versatile spaces (reception, exhibitions, catering, etc.)
15 meeting rooms

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X Palais des Arts + d'infos
X Terrace + d'infos
X Salles Samena & Riou + d'infos
X Pomègues Room + d'infos
X Sugiton Room + d'infos
X En Vau Room + d'infos
X Planier Room + d'infos
X Auditorium

Seats 1200, including 400 on the balcony

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X Les Goudes Room

1045 sq m, can be divided in 2

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X Expo Reception Hall + d'infos
X Escalette Room + d'infos
X Sormiou Room + d'infos
X Morgiou Room + d'infos
X Amphithéâtre Callelongue + d'infos
X Callelongue hall + d'infos
X Endoume Room + d'infos
X Expo Reception Hall + d'infos
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