Expo Reception Hall

Ground floor du Palais des Congrès

This space is surrounded by gardens, offers plenty of natural light and is entirely adjustable. It can host multiple layouts and is also popular for the indoor and outdoor eating area with adjoining garden.

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  • Central patio with plants
  • Direct access to a landscaped garden, available for private hire
  • Reception (4 counters, stools) and cloakroom (coat racks, hangers) furniture
  • Ground-level access for deliveries
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • icon-surface Surface :1536 m²
  • icon-surface Hauteur :3,2 m
X Palais des Evénements

6500 sq m with no pillars
An adjustable plenary venue seating 1600 to 3200
Can be divided into 2 spaces
2 meeting rooms, 6 independent offices

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A plenary accommodate 1.600 to 3.200 delegates

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X Palais de la Méditerranée

6900 sq m, can be divided into 2 spaces with a divider

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X Palais Phocéen

13,400 sq m

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X Grand Palais

6900 sq m
14 m ceiling height

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X Palais de l’Europe

4800 sq m with no pillars
Can be divided into 2 spaces

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X Convention centre

15,000 sq m on 3 levels
2 auditoriums seating 200 to 1200
3800 sq m of versatile spaces (reception, exhibitions, catering, etc.)
15 meeting rooms

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X Palais des Arts + d'infos
X Terrace + d'infos
X Salles Samena & Riou + d'infos
X Pomègues Room + d'infos
X Sugiton Room + d'infos
X En Vau Room + d'infos
X Planier Room + d'infos
X Auditorium

Seats 1200, including 400 on the balcony

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X Les Goudes Room

1045 sq m, can be divided in 2

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X Expo Reception Hall + d'infos
X Escalette Room + d'infos
X Sormiou Room + d'infos
X Morgiou Room + d'infos
X Amphithéâtre Callelongue + d'infos
X Callelongue hall + d'infos
X Endoume Room + d'infos
X Expo Reception Hall + d'infos